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How our Managed Email Campaign Service can help you grow your business...

Sometimes, juggling all the demands of running a business or a marketing department can leave you short on time. You simply don't have the hours or people you need to devote to the things that can make a real difference to the growth of your business - like good email marketing.

Sound familiar? This is exactly why many of our clients take advantage of our Managed Campaign service.
Our Managed Services teams are email marketing experts, who can take care of every aspect of your company's online marketing requirements.

New to Email Marketing?

If you're thinking of using email marketing for the first time, you're about to make a good choice. Permission-based email marketing is an extraordinarily cost-effective and powerful tool. Get it right and you'll see ROI’s you never dreamed of with traditional direct mail!

 The deliverability of your email marketing campaigns – sender reputation and authentication are critical factors when it comes to making sure the marketing emails you send out, actually reach their targets.

  Your campaign tracking and reporting – detailed reporting on how your customers respond to your email marketing campaigns is crucial to increasing the success of campaigns.

That's why 3W Design excels in these three areas - to maximise your email marketing ROI. That's why organisations, large and small, have chosen 3W Design as their long-term email marketing platform. Talk to us now on 0845 680 7056 for FREE no obligation advice on how to improve your sales with a cost effective email marketing campaign. Alternatively email us direct.

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