In today’s connected world, engaging with multiple screen devices is absolutely necessary. Standard websites no longer meet the needs of web users...Responsive websites, that adapts to all types of screen formats are important and essential in today’s fast moving . 3W Design acknowledges this providing mobile responsive sites at the touch of a button.

Stand out from the crowd with a responsive site created with 3W Design:

Hundreds of adaptive and responsive designs;
Optimized for all screen sizes including smartphones and tablets;
Lightning fast loading time - which may translate into better Google rankings;
User-friendly console (CMS): no need for design or technical knowledge - filling in with content is a breeze;
Industry-specific customizable navigation structure;
Multilingual (supports English, French, Portuguese, Spanish)

For the UK market...

  • UK mobile commerce conversion rate rose from 1.27% in June 2012 to 2.03% in June 2013 (eMarketer)
  • More than half of UK social users between 18 and 34 years old reported doing the bulk of their social networking on their smartphone, according to a July 2013 survey from media buying firm Kinetic (eMarketer)

In general...

  • 90% of all interactions are screen based (phone, PC, laptop, TV) and 10% are non-screen based (magazine, radio, newspaper) (2012, Google)
  • Research done with mobile devices has increased 400% in the last three years (2013, Google)
  • About 88% of searches made from smartphones lead to a purchase within 24 hours (2013, Google)
  • Research shows that around 30% of all online traffic is now coming through mobile (2012, MoPowered)
  • 40% of users who do not have a good experience on mobile websites are turning to a competitor’s. (

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