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Did you know that you could soon be communicating with your colleagues or employees via Facebook, instead of email?

It’s true: many businesses small and large will soon discard traditional internal communications in favour of Facebook Workplace.

More than 1,000 companies have been testing out the beta version for the last two years, including Starbucks, the Royal Bank of Scotland and (you can read some case studies here). The app was officially launched this month and is now available to every business worldwide.

If you’re wondering why a company would use ‘social media’ to increase productivity, read on: you may be converted!


What is Facebook Workplace?
The idea is to make internal communication easy and effective. In short, you can use Facebook Workplace to make company announcements, share files and information, chat with colleagues, set up groups, and hold live meetings (including video conferences). It is suitable for small enterprises and large companies alike.

Facebook Workplace reduces the need to rely on separate systems such as internal email, fax machines (yes some people still use them!), video conferencing, hard copy newsletters or announcements, or, indeed, face to face meetings! It’s easy to use, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

How does it work?
Facebook Workplace looks and feels very similar to the Facebook we all know, so very little staff training is required. Your Workplace account is entirely separate to your personal account.

You can use the system very much as you would currently for your personal account (although of course your Workplace account is entirely separate). So, you can share important information by adding posts, and tagging people within those posts if you choose. You can set up events such as meetings or presentations. You can message individuals or groups of people and you can attach files to your messages.

You can also chat live with one or more people through ‘Work Chat’(very similar to Messenger), or hold one-on-one video meetings or group audio calls. You can also carry out live video broadcasts for internal presentations.It’s ideal if team members work from home or have limited time to attend meetings.Plus it’s great for companies who need to communicate effectively with ‘no desk’ workers such as factory employees or technicians.

How secure is Facebook Workplace?
Naturally there have been security concerns, and Facebook has worked hard to reassure users. There is a comprehensive section about security on the app itself:

How much does it cost?

Facebook Workplace is not without its competitors. Many businesses currently use other apps such as Slack or Microsoft’s Yammer. However, with Workplace, Facebook has raised the bar when it comes to ease of use. It has also set competitive pricing: the current costs are 3 dollars per user per month for the first 1,000 users (approximately £2.50) and you can have a three-month trial for free. It’s also free for nonprofits and educational institutions.

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