Top Web Design Trends This 2018

Top Web Design Trends This 2018


Like any area of digital media, web design is subject to transformation. In 2017, web designs saw many changes. We saw that last year’s trend focused on the use of mobile as opposed to desktop browsing. Thus, we are expecting that the advancements that will be done for web design this year will focus mainly on improving the user experience on mobile apps while keeping desktop designs relevant. Taking these into consideration, let’s take a look at the possible trends in web design that will take over 2018.

1. Depth and Shadow

Although the use of shadow is not new, it is worth mentioning that a whole new variety exists. Using grids and parallax layouts, web designers can create depth and build a ‘world beyond the screen’.

2. Vibrant, saturated colour schemes

This 2018, we see an influx of designers being courageous in their approach to colour. Gone are the days when only ‘web-safe colours’ are used. We now see supersaturation and more vibrant shades. This is perfect to attract attention and set themselves apart from traditional designs.

3. Particle backgrounds

Particle backgrounds are lightweight javascript that allow movement to be used as part of a web page’s background. The good thing is that it doesn’t take forever to load. Additionally, particle backgrounds immediately attract your visitor’s attention and so, brand recall is high, motion graphics are gaining more and more in popularity.

4. Mobile first

Last year, mobile browsing surpassed that of desktop usage. Designers are now targeting web designs for use on a small screen.

5. Big, Bold Typography

Typography is considered a powerful visual tool as it is used to create a personality, evoke emotion and set the tone. Now that our devices have higher resolution it is easier for web designers to use custom fonts in their web designs.

6. Asymmetry and broken grid layouts

Back in 2017, asymmetrical and unconventional ‘broken’ layouts were introduced and this trend is not going away in 2018. What’s great about asymmetrical layouts is its uniqueness. Although most large-scale brands still use the traditional grid-based design for their contents, a great increase of unconventional layouts is predicted in 2018.

7. Integrated animations

As browser technology continues to improve, more and more websites are veering away from static images and turning to animations to increase their user engagement. Unlike particle background, smaller animations help engage visitors throughout their entire stay on the web page. An example is the use of graphics that animate the user while the web page is still loading. You may use animations to tell the story of the website. Aside from being a powerful visual, animations can also be used as a form of interaction.

8. Dynamic gradients

These past few years, it is observed that a flat design is preferred to those with dimensional colours. However, 2018, saw a comeback of gradients. The last time gradients were used was for indicating shading.

Now that gradients are loud and full of vibrant colour they have become a popular choice for turning a boring page into an intriguing one.

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