1. Estimates and payment

  • Design, development and website estimates are valid for 30 days. Estimates for production of physical goods (printing etc.) are valid for 15 days; these terms exclude unforeseen price increases by third party suppliers.
  • Depending on the size of the project, invoices for websites may be staged over the course of the project. Website maintenance and updating will be invoiced monthly, quarterly or as agreed with the customer.
  • Invoices must be paid within 15 days of date of invoice or within the payment terms agreed with the client. We reserve the right to charge interest at 10% per month on overdue accounts over 45 days.
  • Work required in addition to that agreed for the purposes of the estimate will be charged at the agreed rate/fixed cost only after agreement by all parties in writing (email is suffice)

2. Work in progress and cancelled orders

  • If 3W Design has worked on a job and subsequently the customer cancels the order, we reserve the right to invoice for the work carried out and any expenses incurred. If the customer does not progress a job for more than 90 days (e.g. does not respond to a visual design/development proposal or proof), 3W Design reserves the right to invoice for the work carried out and any expenses incurred.

3. Alterations

  • Minor changes to content are included in our estimates. Lengthy or significant alterations will be charged at the hourly rate and/or expenses.

4. Proof-reading

  • It is the customer's responsibility to check proofs and website versions for errors in copy and content. Even if text is supplied electronically (i.e. on disk or via e-mail) it is still the customer's responsibility to check all text on the proof or website version for errors that may have occurred subsequently. If any text on the proof is not clear (e.g. through poor fax reproduction) it is the customer's responsibility to obtain a clear copy. Copyright and Content management services are available through 3W Design but are not provided as standard on all quotes.

5. Website and email hosting

  • 3W Design endeavours to ensure that the websites and email services we host stay online. We will respond promptly to any reported problem and make all reasonable efforts to restore service. However, we cannot guarantee 100% availability of web and email services, or be responsible for any consequential loss or damage.

6. Copyright

  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that copyright is not infringed through the use of any materials they supply to 3W Design
  • Images purchased or commissioned by 3W Design for the customer are subject to the terms and conditions of the supplier, a copy of which can be supplied on request.
  • Copyright on any completed design work produced by 3W Design transfers to the client once payment has been made in full, subject to the conditions above. However, 3W Design reserves the right to use material it has designed or produced in its own publicity (e.g. its portfolio), whether in hard copy or electronic form.
  • Copyright on any website code, programming or software remains with the original owner/author unless otherwise agreed. Copyright on code produced by 3W Design remains with us, but the client is granted a permanent license to use and modify the code for their own use, once payment has been made in full and provided that our copyright notice is preserved within the code.

7. Archiving work and supplying files

  • Whilst 3W Design endeavours to archive all work electronically, we cannot guarantee that all data files are retrievable for future use. 3W Design cannot accept responsibility for lost or corrupted files.
  • Copies of data files can be supplied to the client on request, copyright permitting. Some items (e.g. fonts) cannot be supplied due to copyright restrictions.
  • When older files are re-used or supplied to a client, the time taken to retrieve them and convert them to current data formats may be charged.
  • 3W Design does not attempt to restrict its clients to an exclusive relationship. When a client wishes to work with another supplier of design, print or web services, we will make all reasonable efforts to help by supplying files and information, but we may charge for the time taken.